Farm houses & resorts projects

Yoga Nikaya, Hosur

This is a fine example of the enduring steel and wood work that CRV offers. The different structures like meditation, dining, cottages, reception, yoga, observatory etc are masterpieces of it is day, exhibiting the strength,reliability and beauty of construction that is an integral part of CRV building ethic.

Kerala Ayurvedagram, B'lore

This high end Ayurveda Centre involved close working relationship with the architect, client which fulfilled the client is aesthetic and commercial requirements. Completion on time was a critical requirement in order to meet the customer pre-booked usage of the facilities.

Farm House for Alok Bhartia

The floating walls with dryfixing of natural stones was a key feature plus wooden pergolas and Sand stone finish for swimming pool deck. A challenging job built to a demanding design to create an exciting and attractive finish.